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My research is positioned within the broad field of Urban Studies, including mainly urban sociology and urban anthropology, with a comparative and interdisciplinary focus on residential inequalities, urban governance, race/racism ethnicity and nationalism, migration, comparative and historical sociology, social theory, ethnography, and Romani Studies. 

My Laurea degree thesis in Politics and Cultural Sociology (BA+MA, University of Milan 2004) was an ethnography of the relations between the urban space, everyday group-making and international urban governance in the post-war divided city of Mitrovica, Northern Kosovo. Critically framed within current debates on nationalism, ethnicity and multiculturalism, my Ph.D. (Urban Sociology, University of Milan-Bicocca 2009) was a comparative ethnography of the urban governance of three stigmatized 'Gypsy neighborhoods' in 'Eastern' and 'Western' Europe (case studies in Romania and Italy). 
In 2010 at FIERI (Turin) I took part in the research (Roma)nians between Turin and departure contexts. Everyday life, representations and public policies that resulted in a homonymous report. I have since then expanded my work towards a Europe-wide comparative ethnography of the governance of marginalized and stigmatized Roma urban areas, first at ISPMN in Cluj, then at the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol, and finally at the HSE Centre for Advanced Studies, Moscow. I am now completing the work at the CEU Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, writing up a research monograph on the spatial segregation of Roma in urban Europe (Routledge, forthcoming 2015).

Over the last six years I have taken part in a number of European projects, including a three-year Marie Curie Training Programme on Romany Studies (2007-2009), and the EC-FP7 RESPECT project (2011); I am currently Junior Researcher in the SPAREX project (2011-2014).



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