Archive of Expulsions

Giovanni Picker Giovanni Picker Picker Giovanni GiovanniPicker
Eviction of Roma families (Cluj, December 2010)
It's astonishing how many evictions, expulsions, destructions of houses, segregating policies and other oppressive measures on the poor are taking place.

I just launched the hashtag #ArchiveofExpulsions. In my twitter account I will document instances of expulsions, evictions, housing destructions, and similar actions across the world. My aim is to keep track of some of the ways in which, in neoliberal times, the poor and marginalized are addressed.

Some may be skeptical and even polemic regarding the unproblematic use of 'neoliberalism' as a category of analysis for looking at the current trend that policies on marginality are undergoing. And although there are reasons to think that 'neoliberalism' may be as plane and straightforward as the plethora of phenomena it describes - hence not sophisticated enough, I think it remains the most useful tool. However, it is useful as long as we agree that neoliberalism is not synonimous to capitalism nor to the free market. It's a peculiar doctrine, or - to put it differently - an ideology. An ideology which pervades all spheres of social life, not only the economy. As such, it can heuristically capture the conjunctures and connections of policy, civil society, political economy and politics.



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